Life is short, break the rules. Forgive quickly, kiss slowly. Love truly, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that makes you smile. - Samuel Longhorne Clemens (Mark Twain)

About Me

I received my first wargame when I was 8 years old a copy of Avalon Hill's Gettsyburg in 1971. I think my father has regretted that gift every since. That may also be why he gave me my first train set in 1971 as well. Soon there were 2 4'x8' tables arranged in an L shape in the basement. A move to CO in 1975 pretty much put railroading on hold till a new house was bought in 1976. I had a small dedicated area in the basement and I happily played with trains through the early years of high school. That same basement saw many a wargame played too. Our favorites at the time were Squad Leader and Fight in the Skies quickly followed by tabletop miniatures, starting off with TSR's Tractics. My wargame collection at the time and through the years was quite extensive but in the last five years I have emphasized miniature gaming and a large portion of my boardgame collection has been sold off.

Over the years I have also helped with and managed both Genghis Con (Genghis Con IX - XXII) and Tacticon ('89 - '98) that take place here in Denver CO. Currently I have reduced my responsibilities to doing the Auction on Friday night and organizing the miniature painting competition portions of the show. I have been the main auctioneer for the Auctions since Genghis Con V. I have also worked some other game auctions over the years, Strategicon in Los Angeles, DragonCon (when it hosted Origins) in Atlanta, a couple of other Origins shows and at one GenCon.

I have also helped start the Colorado Miniature Painters Alliance. A loose group of miniature painters that meet once a month at one of the area game stores. This is the group that helps me put on the painting conference at the game conventions and features a number of highly acclaimed painters which tend to make my own efforts look pretty crude!

I model two railroads at this time, the Colorado and Northwestern set in 1904 and the AT&SF set in 1975 in the Los Angeles Warehouse district also known as the Patch. Currently the C&N is in boxes again but the Patch should be coming into being in the next few weeks.

I still play lots of boardgames mostly railroad oriented games like Empire Builder and the 18xx series. I also enjoy Settlers of Catan (my copy is one of the first ones brought over by Alan Moon) and Carcasonne. They are fast and fun.

My miniature games tend to be way to diversified. I'm trying to cut things down a bit and concentrate and finish some of my armies. At that point other fringe interests will probably be sold off.
I play WWII in both 15mm and 28mm. Currently using Flames of War for 15mm although my preferred system is Command Decision. In 28mm I just bring my troops and let everyone else worry about the rules.
I play Napoleonics in 15mm and dabble in 28mm. I was playing La Salle but I find them somewhat unsatisfying and I find myself going back to Napoleon's Battles
I play American Civil War (ACW) in 15mm using Fire and Fury. I have both the Brigade and Regimental sets of rules and use which ever is better for the battle we are fighting.
I'm working on an army for the Thirty Years War, in my case the Danes. Researching is ongoing but I have actually managed to paint some troops for this.
I'm also working on miniatures for WWI, more specifically the US 2nd Division, 5th Marine Regiment. I have a lot of unpainted pewter for this and I hope to get those going in 2012.