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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Building Calamity 29 - The "Hardware" Store - Getting to the Roof On

Like I have mentioned before, I really like how the building is coming along. The weathered wood is not as "silver" as I wanted but that's always a matter of experimentation anyway. Rather than dive into the painting though I thought it was time to finally get to that scary roof.

I started just cutting out the two basic roof panels out of 1mm foamed PVC sheet stock. I then cut out the sections where the half dormer style windows sit. I also cut the sides of the dormers, and managed to get a pretty good match to the angle of the roof.

The really difficult portion is mating the dormer roof to the regular roof. I have always had trouble figuring out how to cut that angle. It is definitely slowing things down at this point. You can check out my current process below.

The two roof panels cut out

Roof sections marked for the dormer cutouts

Oops, had to modify the interior a bit to add some bracing to support the roof on the false front side. Had to trim away some wallpaper to provide a surface that would accept the plastic weld glue.

Braces in place

Test fitting the roof panels

Figuring out the correct angles for the dormer sides

Cutting out what will become my cutting template

Dormer sides

Gluing the dormer sides in place

Test fitting the roofs again, looks pretty good.

And the other side. The next big challenge is figuring out how to  making the sloping dormer roof which also lays tight against the slope of the main roof, tricky.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Kickstarter Watch 1 - Tiny Epic Western Boardgame - Final Days

This little kickstarter is now under the 72 hour mark to its end and they are close to breaking the $400,000 mark and reaching their final stretch goal. They report that all components, including the stretch goals, are tested and ready and none of these will delay the delivery date. Based on that the $400,000 stretch goal is the final goal regardless of how much money is raised at the end. This is an important stretch goal as it takes the boss mats from being double sided to being single sided which will add a lot more complexity and flexibility to the game right out of the box.

$26 will get you into the deluxe version of the game with all the achieved stretch goals both physical and digital. This is a good company and I highly recommend them from my last experience on kickstarter. What are you waiting for?

Here is a graphic of the current box contents

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Care Package - Offensive Miniatures

This one felt like it took forever to get here. I managed to make the initial order while the company was on Christmas Holiday and then the Royal Mail and the USPS didn't handle the hand off very well. But my American Paratroopers finally arrived today, a little frozen but some heat should fix them right up. Not to much heat though I don't wan't molten piles of pewter all over the place.

These are very nice minis. They looked a little small coming out of the package but it looks like they will stand up well against my British Paras. Now I have all three components for some D-Day scenarios this coming year. Of course they need to be painted so they are going in the que, need to finish the British Paras first, then the Germans, then finish off the German vehicles conversion (which quite frankly has me stumped at the moment.) then I can get to the Americans. Probably will see a couple of these in as entries into the Lead Adventurers upcoming contest.

Nice plastic box came in an envelope

Would have been great packaging if it wasn't so cold here in Denver. A little cracked plastic during transit

Zip lock bags of minis.

I think this is a command team

A regular squad. I had them swap out all the BAR gunners for riflemen

Pathfinder group. Looking forward to painting these, maybe they will be the carrot I need to get back to painting.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Building Calamity 28 - The "Hardware" Store - Painting, the weathering layer

Like most of my other structures for Calamity, the first layer I paint is the weathered wood layer. I typically paint the entire exterior like this since I'm not always sure where I want to show peeling paint. I started out with the splatter ink technique but as I worked my way around the building I found that it was just as easy to "paint" the ink on instead of splattering and the pushing the ink into place.

Once this stage was complete I let it dry and then applied a coat of matte varnish. Instead of it Vallejo Model Color Matt Varnish through the airbrush this time I opted to spray it with Testors Dullcote from a rattle can. That should protect the weathered paint layer better than the acrylic matte varnish I have been using. I'll let all that dry and hopefully move forward to finish the painting.

I used some scrap mattboard to help protect the finished interior work

On the upper floor I started with the splatter method. Definitely messy

On the ground floor I applied ink randomly and then streaked it down with the brush, moving with the grain of the boards. Here Burnt Umber and Carbon Black have been applied.

Followed that up with Raw Sienna

Straight Burnt Umber

Carbon Black and Raw Sienna

A fuzzy picture of the front

And from the back.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Building Calamity 27 - The "Hardware" Store - First Floor Assembly

I didn't post anything for a few days and I lost six followers! Seems like that mystical 200 follower barrier will remain intact a while longer.

I was able to finally find some time to get back to work on the Hardware store and I'm quite pleased with the results so far. The first floor went together without to much trouble. I have to make sure that I trim wainscotting and baseboards correctly so that the walls come together at the corners better. The interior wall that runs across the width of the interior is actually a little long and bowed the sides out a bit. I considered trying to fix it and then decided that, really, it just adds character.

I added the corner trim to help hide the seams. I need to prep those a bit and then I'm ready to do some exterior painting. But first I think I need to bow to the inevitable and start work on the roof itself. The dormers certainly add character to the building but they definitely add a level of complexity that I have kind of shied away from. I also need to build the stairs up to the second floor so I need to think about that for a bit. I want to paint the building before I add the stairs so its a bit lower on the priority list. The stairway side and the back will be left "unpainted" so they will get the silver wood treatment. The front and the window side will be "painted" and will get a bit of the peeling paint treatment. I'm not going to overboard with this affect though, I don't want the building to look to old.

Here is the result of the evening's work:

The small pictures are ones I accidentally deleted and recovered. Here I'm gluing a long sidewall  to the floor. I'm using my magnetic jig for this one.

Adding in the bagwall

The other long side in place plus a look at the front

the interior as from the front

And the back

the three components. This was shot was taken after the ones below and they have the corner trim

I took these shots before the corner trim was added. The top and bottom lined up pretty good. Not perfect which actually confuses me a bit. All I can figure is that the two floors aren't quite the same size/

A shot from the other side. Some how I managed to completely forget to photograph the front. 
The little shack that will go on the back.

The exterior door for the second floor is finished but I haven't glued it in place yet. I'll wait till the exterior is painted to do that.