Thursday, October 23, 2014

Another Kickstarter Arrives - Trenchworx WWI Tanks

With the Kickstarters I have supported I figure its on time if it delivers within 2-3 months after the estimated delivery date. This one from Trenchworx arrived today, weeks early! It was scheduled for a November delivery (end of November I believe). Granted my order was pretty simply just 3 FT-17 and a Rolls Royce Armored Car, but I'm still very impressed.

The quality is top notch too, I don't think my pictures really do it justice. The mold release agent was pretty heavy on these so I have already given these a soapy, warm water bath and done a little dry fitting. These are top notch kits, flash is light, the sprue attachment points look like they be well hidden after assembly. Some of the mold lines on the smaller pieces are going to take some work to clean up, but overall its just a great kit. I wish I had enough funds to have picked up some of the British tanks along with a German A7V but maybe I'll pick those up later. Check them out at Trenchworx

UPDATE: I received an email from Dave at Trenchworx this morning. He asked about my release agent comment because they don't use any! They have been able to prime and paint their models straight from the molds. I went back to where I had layed out the pieces to dry and they still feel quite slick to me. But now I believe that its because their mold process produces such a smooth surface that it feels "slick". I'm hoping to get some primer on these today but after emailing with Dave I'm not anticipating any problems.

These are going to do a great job supporting my WWI US Marines.

Small Box, well packed

Somewhere in all this are three tanks and an armored car. They sent along some coasters as well.

Each vehicle bagged up in ziplock. There is a smaller ziplock inside that holds

There are a few more parts to the FT-17 than I expected. There are also rare earth magnets so I can switch out the weapon  between an MG or a 37mm Cannon.

Nice detail on the treads

Turret looks top notch 
The armored hull
The Rolls Royce armored hull

There are few pieces for this one too

Just dry fitting the turret here.

Filling the Troll Gaps

I'm sure this is not going to be quite what you expected. My son recently acquired a large Troll made by Privateer Press. Usually he does his own thing and I see the finished piece. This time he asked for help. There are serious gaps on this model, apparently that's normal for these large pieces from Privateer Press. 

I ended up spending an hour with the green stuff to get this guy ready to prime.

Looking at the gaps I'm not sure anything really fit together very well.

He resembles Frankenstein's monster in this shot. 

Here we go, the first application of green stuff

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Another Night of Basing

Tried to pick up where I left off last night. I pulled out the dead wood pieces from the swamp accent stamp and the mortar bombs from the trench accent stamp. Not to bad. The green stuff definitely did a better job capturing detail. I mixed a bit more blue in with the yellow so that while the green stuff hardened it remained a bit flexible. I cut out the various roots with an x-acto knife and glued them to the mud and snow bases I did last night. 

I then used more milliput to try and blend them into the bases a bit better. Probably could have done a better job but once they are painted and some more basing materials added you shouldn't be able to see the transitions. I then used the left over milliput that I had mixed up and tried out the plank stamp on the bases I use for Calamity. This is really a nice stamp and left some terrific detail. Oh and Bert's Lip Beeswax really helps keeping things from sticking to your fingers and to the stamps!

I tried to hit the snow and mud bases with a wash to pull out the details but you still can't see it to well, its just not deep enough and really its not suppose to be terribly detailed just enough to add some dips and folds to the ground.

The milliput did a fair job of capturing the detail. The mortar bombs are going to need some extra work to make look good. I'm not really sure what the tin can thing is suppose to be. 

Here I pressed green stuff into the swamp accent mold. These came out really nice, the green stuff really captured the detail.

Starting to cut up the roots to place on the bases. Here the detail is being applied to a base from Secret Weapon Miniatures

Blending the detail in with milliput

One of the mud and snow bases with a wash to try and show off the detail.

Wash on one of the 50mm bases

Adding some detail to a mud and snow base

I think this is everything

Tried to capture some of the small crater detail with the leftover milliput

Really nice wood detail on the wood plank stamp

Monday, October 20, 2014

Basing with Stamps

I pointed out the Basius 2 Kickstarter in an earlier post this month. These look great but they don't deliver till early next year and I need something similar now to finish up my Marines. I was aware of Happy Seppuku from a Kickstarter they ran back in July of 2013 and one another that funded earlier this month. They use a hard latex as opposed to the resin used by Wargame Bakery. I decided to give them a try and I ordered their mud and snow stamp along with their scenic trench accent stamp. These are much smaller than Basius but are a bit more flexible so using them as press molds may actually work better. Time will tell.

So I gave it try tonight (yea, pretty much from the mailbox to the workbench). I did some 30 and 50mm lipped bases and a couple of pressings in the trench accent. I think the bases came out pretty good but after I ruined one of my "casts" I elected to let the other castings harden up a bit longer.

Here's what I achieved this evening:

Got my materials out. Milliput is my go to putty for stuff like this. Its easier to mix and work with than green stuff and its significantly cheaper! I get mine at Hobby Lobby. It won't hold as fine a detail as green stuff but for what I need that's fine.

Its hard to photograph the stamp, but this is the mud and snow stamp (or pad).

This is the wood plank one. This will be quite useful for my Calamity project

Covered up the slots with masking tape. The grey ones are resin bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures

Milliput mixed up and ready to go.

Applied a blob to the base, spread it out and then pushed it into the pad. Here are the results. Not bad I need to be neater on the application, these will need some clean up.

Tried a close up to try and show the pattern. Its hard to see in the yellow.

Maybe from the side you can see the detail better

A couple of 50mm bases
Here is a pressing from green stuff. I pulled this to soon and it stretched on me. But you can see the detail that the green stuff captured. Hopefully I'll be more patient with the next batch.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Bit of Woodworking - Finished for Now

Today I did actual assembly work. Went out and bought more of my favorite wood adhesive along with a new blade for my miter saw. This one has a lot more teeth so it should require less sanding. Home Depot also had Poplar turning stock on sale so I bought another piece three times as long as the one I bought yesterday for about a third of the price. There was only one mis-step today and it wasn't really terribly unexpected (unlike the continuous series of mis-steps with my cookie baking today).

Here is what I finished up today
Four display bases all jumbled together

Today's tool of choice; Sanding blocks. I didn't put a whole lot of work into these. 80 Grit to knock down the hard stuff, 120 Grit to smooth it out. If I was going to use these as my actual display stands then I  would have gone down to the 220 Grit to get close to that glass smooth finish (probably 400 Grit for that). Today is all about good enough.

Okay the sanding is done.

Pulling out the Titeboud

I didn't think ahead, fortunately there are hair bands to hold things together while the glue sets

Glue is all setup and they are still holding together

What's wrong with the one in the lower right corner?

Apparently glue managed to get where it shouldn't be and I glued this one together. Fortunately we are still in the test run stage or I would have been pretty ticked off.
For the next batch I'll change out the blades for this new 40 tooth monster. This should give me a much nicer cut.