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Monday, October 12, 2015

Calamity Gets a Bakery

There are a couple of things going on with Calamity right now. In addition to continuing to turn out models for the small scale version I ordered the foamed PVC sheets that I intend to build the 28mm versions out of. From TAP Plastics I ordered ten sheets of 11"x17" white 1/8th thick sheets. These will form the bulk of my supporting walls. From Foamboard Source I ordered 1mm and 2mm thick foamed PVC by Sinco. I intend to use this for some of the bulk detailing, creating layers for stores fronts and what not.

Tonight I decided to tackle the bakery. I was working on a 28mm version of this as a prototype but never got around to going beyond that stage like I did for the newspaper office. I find the juxtaposition of the pitched roof with the false front on both the side and front quite interesting. Again I feel that roof lines will be quite important for the final version of Calamity as it will add a lot of visual interest. I'm also still toying with the thought of adding actual internal lighting to many of the buildings but I still haven't found a source of for scale kerosene fueled hurricane lamps. I have come across a couple of articles on making them from scratch but there might be a lot of lights to deal with. I can carve channels in the PVC to run wires up through the walls so that would effectively make them invisible. I could also light the stoves. Still thinking about this. I love the thought have running a night scenario lit only by the lanterns on the board.

I did another one of my infamous measure once, cut and screw up routines tonight. I really shouldn't do this when I'm distracted by other things. On to tonight's work:

My standard materials, mat board, ruler, mechanical pencil and a mat cutter

A page from my notebook, focused on dimensions

Translating actual dimensions to my odd 1/56th scale. This is also in my notebook.

Already doing some cutting, Here I'm gluing an interior support for the roof to the front false front.

A little dry fitting

Guess which wall is to short

repeating that cut, this time making sure to mark which way the length of the piece was really suppose to be running.

All the pieces ready to go

The back and the simple side wall

Adding in the front false front

Adding the side that forms the corner of the false front on the side

And from the other side. I know those 4 steel blocks are over kill holding everything together. On the other hand I can't accidentally knock anything over.

The back side

The front side. I didn't building the somewhat complicated door and funky side windows that make up the entry way. I'll have to figure that part out though when I building the 1/56th scale version.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Warlord Games - Red Devils Session 5

I hit the brushes again tonight working my way through this unit of Red Devils. Tonight I focused on getting the webbing, boots and helmets done. They are really starting to come together and I'm pleased with how they are looking. I'm definitely going to have to go in and lighten up the skin tones a little bit but I can do that as part of the final touch ups.

Decided to take some more formal shots with a backdrop to show off the current progress.

Starting on the helmets, the webbing is basically finished

And the beginnings of the maroon berets.  I started with Vallejo Model Color Black Red (859/035) followed that up with Reaper Master Series Dead Rose - HD (9653) and a bit of Reaper Heavy Gear Republique Red (61108). This kept a bit of purple in the mix all the way up through the highlight. The coverage on the Black Red is really poor although mine is really old, not sure if that would affect it or not.

Five guys in the beret

The next four in helmets

And the second set in helmets

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Kickstarter Loot - Kingdom Death

Almost two years late but my pledge from the Kingdom Death Kickstarter finally arrived today. At this point I'm actually feeling pretty let down perhaps I was over expecting. Most Kickstarters would have been continually blasted for the late delivery, but Adam seemed pretty much immune to this (not completely). Granted his communications were very good and he did explain why things were running late, mostly because he wanted to ensure that a high quality product was delivered. And I certainly won't argue with that this is definitely a high quality injection molding and the resin castings are equally as good. I'm just feeling like I terribly overpaid for the four minis that I ordered (I didn't go for the game, had no interest in that). There are five minis in the box I think the extra one is a Kickstarter Twilight Knight for supporters or something along those lines. I might feel different about it once I get some paint on these.

Here are the pictures from the box opening:

The box, which actually arrived somewhat unexpectedly

Black tissue paper seems appropriate

Pulling it all out. Woohoo! Candy!

The unknown sprue

The plastic Sunstalker Dancer

The plastic Phoenix Dancer

The resin Silk Assassin

The resin Survivor

Calamity - Multiple Rectangles

I took a break from painting to build another model for Calamity. I wanted to experiment with some additional rectangles and how they might look mixed in with the more "standard" western buildings. This would be a main street storefront with two buildings sharing a common wall. The smaller building has a small living space up above not quite sure how they get up there but its there none the less!

This one has a couple of more complicated cuts for the smaller side.

Walls are going up!

And the back wall

Front and the other side wall

The smaller side coming together

Going ahead and gluing on the sloping roof to the back 

And here we go, this one will have an interesting roof

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Denison Smock - WG Red Devils Session 4

I did a little research before diving into painting the Denison smock on the Red Devils. What I have gleaned is there really isn't a pattern to the smock as such. It has been stated that the Mk 2 smocks were made from a printed cloth pattern but historians now think this is incorrect. Apparently no one has been able to find a pattern that would indicate that it was printed. Basically the smock has a base color and the green and brown were literally painted on with house brushes in a random manner. Hence why there are what appear to be brush strokes, because there are brush strokes.

From a painting standpoint this is good news. I sat down and decided that the best way to replicate the smock would be just to apply paint in somewhat straight patterns that may or may not intersect each other. It appears that there are only three colors used with a fourth appearing because of the overlap of greens and browns. Even the greens and browns seemed to different, probably based on where the smock was made.

I went with an VM Iraqi Sand (819/124) as the basecoat. As I mentioned before this feels to light to me. I tried out a little VM Khaki Grey (880/113) which I think is probably to dark. Probably a mix of these colors would be better. I'll try that out on the next group I work on.

To give them a little variation I choose three VM greens to work with; US Dark Green (893/095), Reflective Green (890/090) and German Extra Dark Green (896/099). I applied these randomly to the 13 minis. US Dark Green and Reflective Green were used the most with the German Extra Dark Green only going on three.

I did the same with the browns again working with three VM colors; Flat Brown (984/140), Mahogany Brown (846/139) and German Camo Medium Brown (826/145). Again I applied these randomly to the 13 minis. I may drop the German Camo Medium Brown from the next batch it just doesn't have enough red in it.

I used VM English Uniform (921/141) on the pants, highlighted up with Green Brown (879/114). I put a basecoat of Russian Uniform (924/094) on all the webbing and equipment. I actually managed to go in an line a couple of the minis but I ran out of energy to get farther than that today.

When I talk about Vallejo Model color I have found that there two numbers that you really need. The first three digits are the last three numbers from the actual Vallejo catalog (this number is usually five digits but the last three will get you what you need) and the next thee numbers are its actual location in the Vallejo Model Color Paint rack. Knowing the location in the rack really makes it quick to find the colors at the store.

So Sunday painting got me to this point:
Playing around with the colors. I like the Reflective Green the best but I'm going to use all of them. The German Camo Brown I'm not to fond of.

The Greens

The Browns

The German Green

The Reflective Green

US Dark Green

With Mahogany Brown

Flat Brown on These

The German Camo Brown

At this point they are looking way to light. I'm going to continue before I go back and adjust colors. There is a lot of equipment that has received the camo colors which makes the light areas look larger than they really are.

End of the day. Smocks are essentially done, pants are done, webbing and equipment has been base coated with Russian Uniform

Bren gun team

Vickers MMG and crew