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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

World War II Project - Buildings - Photo Realism Concept XII

I'm not sure this will ever be finished, but I'm going to post something that at least looks close to finished.

I have touched up the green a bit, although it probably needs to have another coat as the green is a little transparent. The chimney stacks are in place and the roof caps are done. I still need to build and attach my seam hiders for the gaps between the 1st and 2nd floor and the 2nd floor and the roof. Roof edges need to be touched up as well and I need to add a little paint to some torn spots in the paper. If I could get a solid hour at the desk I could finish this one off and move on to the next.

Monday, May 22, 2017

World War II Project - Buildings - Photo Realism Concept XI

I was hoping that I would be able to finish off the Dormer House 2 from Charlie Foxtrot Models, once again I underestimated how much was actually left. I went to work on the dormer windows for the attic. Again the goal here is to as little painting an extra wood work as possible, so I purchased a couple more textures from Clever Models to finish the dormers with.

I opted for a weathered wood texture and the pictures below will show the process better than I can explain it. As I have moved through this particular build I tried to apply what I learned on the newer build. Especially important to get the dormer windows right as they are pretty prominent on the model and we are more likely to see the roofs of buildings first when they are on the gaming table.

So here we go to add some additional living space in the attic. One thing to note is that I certainly could have chosen to leave these windows off. There are no tabs or slots that have to be dealt with so I could have just covered right over their marked locations with the shingle paper. Hopefully there will just be one more build to finish off the little details and it should be quick.

Just a few pieces to deal with.

Time for some glue. The large steel weights are one of my favorite tools. They weigh in at 1# each and have nice square corners and edges to work with.

Two sides at once!

The dormers all glued up. the bottom edge of the front needs to be cut to match the angle of the roof. Fortunately MDF is pretty easy to cut.

A knife with a sharp blade makes short work of this job.

Ready for some boards.

I used Clever Models TO-351 for the "texture" on the dormers.

Glued the front of the dormer to the paper.

Then I cut the paper, folded it and glued it to the sides.

I left plenty of room to trim things the way I wanted.

Trimmed down and ready to fold the extra paper over the back edges. This gives it a nice smooth look, something I should have done on the stone surfaces.

A little something to hold the folds in place till the glue sets. Aleene's Original Tacky Glue for this again. I didn't need to let it dry as long since its paper to wood and not paper to plastic.

Nice sharp peaks but we seem to have lost the window.

I cut out the center of the paper and left extra to fold to cover the interior edge of the window. Note you will not be able to see the edge but it gives a neater look to the whole process

Folded and glued and ready for the windows.

By folding the paper inside to cover the edge your windows will not fit! Laser cut MDF is very precise and even that little bit of paper makes the opening to small. I used a file on the edges of the window frames to get them to fit. The other important step is to remember to push the frame in from the front of the opening, otherwise you could just be pushing your carefully folded edge out and making and leaving a messy edge.

Dormers in place and ready for their roofs.

Dormer roofs in place.

And the shingles added. I could have done this different as well. I should have glued on the paper shingles first. It took me a bit to figure out how to cut the paper shingles once the roofs were in place.

The roof in place on the second story. Pretty pleased with everything so far. In this picture, one of the dormers is clearly higher than the other. I have fixed that otherwise it would have bugged till it was even harder to remove the dormer. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Kickstarter Diposable Heros II Miniatures - Brigade Games

I have found another Kickstarter that I have decided to get in on. This one comes from Brigade Games and is a "sequel" to their Kickstarter to publish Disposable Heros II (I own the original and a 4 or 5 of the supplement books for this from Iron Ivan the original publisher). The sequel for Disposable Heros II is for new American and German Infantry miniatures. Even though I really have what I need for miniatures as far as my WWII project is concerned I decided to jump into this Kickstarter. There are enough variations in the poses to make me happy and there are some nice add-ons as the Kickstarter campaign progresses. Its already funded and will be delivering in July of this year. 

I asked about the M4A3s that are part of this, these are metal and resin and are new sculpts for this Kickstarter. I'm not sure who is doing the work, so I'm a bit on the fence on whether I will add these or not. There are plenty of other add-ons to purchase along with some freebies that will be added as the money rolls in. While there will be tales of woes about Kickstarter being used as pre-order platform I really have no issue with that. If it enables small miniature companies to get their products to market faster then I'm all for it. This is a quick 21 day campaign so take a look and dive in (11 days to go as of this writing, I watched it for about a week before I jumped in). 
Brigade Games WWII Kickstarter

This is the one I jumped on. I managed to get the early bird which was $10 cheaper.

I'm not quite sure about these Shermans, for some reason they look a little short to me. It might just be the perspective of the picture.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

World War II Project - Buildings - Photo Realism Concept X

Some more time on the Dormer House 2 from Charlie Foxtrot Models. I pretty much finished off the roofs and chimneys during this part of the build. Nothing to exciting at this point. I'm definitely looking forward to getting down to the final finishing details on this one.

Overall I'm pleased with the progress and the look of the photo stone texture.

Working on the Chimneys. These still need their final little details.

Here is what I don't like about the CFM kits. There is a single tab on the roof instead of two which makes it difficult to get things to line up properly.

Strips of shingles, I did this for the extension on the back.

Since the roofs have a pattern etched in its easy to keep everything lined up.

I decided to not use the single strips on the main roof and instead opted fora single sheet cut to fit. I can't really tell the difference.

I decided to cut out the areas where the dormers are supposed to go. It took a little more effort but wasn't terribly difficult.

And the building with the roofs in place. I"m not happy with the fit of the main roof and i had a couple of shingle rears when I trimmed the back roof. You can see bare spots where I cut the corner pieces to fit to the angle of the roofs.

Looking pretty good I think. A little final work and it will be ready for the table.