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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

ReaperCon 2017 Project - Scale 75 - Lt Winters

Scale 75, the US distributor, will likely be at ReaperCon this year and is already sponsoring a few manufacturer awards for the painting competition. After hemming and hawing a bit I settled on this 75mm Lt Winters figure. It looks like a very nice miniature out of the box although there was more flash than I expected and some of the attachment points are going to need some work. More work than I was anticipating with this company's reputation. I don't anticipate any problems with it, just need to find the time to do it!


  1. Looks like an exciting project (something we all need more of, right?).

    Are you going to go for a Dick Winters on D-Day paint job, or take it in a more generic direction?

    1. I'm thinking D-Day right now. I might change my mind as Inger into it though.