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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Kickstarter Diposable Heros II Miniatures - Brigade Games - Update

The stretch goals are coming slowly in this one and its a short turnaround Kickstarter. If you are thinking of jumping in then I would certainly encourage you to do so. I did find out that the M4A3 Sherman that is an add-on is being sculpted and produced by Company B. I'm looking forward to picking one of these up. Should be a nice compliment to my M4A1 Sherman that is sitting on the shelf from Trenchworx.

28mm World War 2 Wargaming Miniatures - Disposable Heroes

We are getting some nice free stuff added to the various platoons at this point as well as access to a US .30 cal MG with crew and I can get some extra German LMG teams so I can double these guys up as a Panzergrenadier platoon.

I'm getting at least one of these.

There are a couple of other options available though.

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