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Friday, December 27, 2013

Calamity - Newspaper Office - Doors and more!

Things are moving along quite nicely on the Newspaper Office for Calamity. I was able to stop by Caboose Hobbies today and picked out some doors. They are O Scale which goes okay with the Reaper and Black Scorpion miniatures they are a bit big for many of the other minis. However, after seeing some pictures from Bodie CA of people standing in front of a building and seeing just how big windows and doors could be I think I'm okay with it. The doors are cut in and glued in place and I finished off some of the interior detail. At this point all the interior needs is wallpaper and paint and then I can assembly the walls and finish off the exterior details and it should be ready for the table, well mostly ready for the table.

Three different doors

The back door

The original back door

The Front door

Exterior front door with some finishing details completed

The door to the addition

The original back door in place, more details to come

Interior wall with paneling and chair rail

The other interior wall with paneling and chair rail

Extra details added representing both the original exterior with board and batten contrasting with the paneling and chair rail.

Interior of the back wall

Interior Front Wall

Interior back wall of the addition.

Interior wall, door side, of the addition

Interior wall of the addition

Using my magnetic clamps to dry fit everything together and a few citizens for scale

A nice overview of the whole building, more or less together. I'm thinking of a couple of different roof treatments, tar paper with battens for the addition and shingles for the main building.


  1. Nice sizes. I think at a distance you could get away with a lot of the normal 28mm ones as well really.

    1. I think you area probably right. In the end the only person its really going to bother is me. And once the action gets started I'm not going to notice all that much either. Of course I still need to build the boards themselves!