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Friday, March 11, 2016

Kickstarter Watch 2 - French Vehicles in 28mm

Its been very quite here lately there has been a lot of stuff going on that has kept me away from the workbench. Fortunately they are good things and not bad things and a little struggling is good for the soul anyway.

I have the Hardware store still on the workbench to be finished along with another section of British Paratroopers. My intention to participate in the Iron Painters League on LAF though has definitely fallen by the wayside, Which is to bad since I actually purchased some miniatures just for that, maybe I'll be able to jump in next year. I have also been toying with post on where I get my inspiration for my buildings but that has started and stopped several times at this point. Hopefully it will see the light of day in the next month or so though. I'm also turning my thoughts towards ReaperCon which is in October this year and sketching out some ideas for that as well.

Now on to the real meat of this post, another Kickstarter! I have been slowly working on collecting the troops I need to run some of the mini campaigns for Chain of Command, in particular Kampfgruppe von Luck, the attack on Le Bas de Ranville. This one appeals to me since it involves the British paratroopers I have been collecting along with some of the converted French armor built for the 21st Panzer division by Alfred Becker. Since the collecting and modeling has benn slow anyway I have tried to keep my eye open for French vehicles that fit the bill. I found a new kickstarter featuring French vehicles in 1/56th scale, on one of the blogs I follow: dhcwargamesblog

That lead me to this kickstarter: French Vehicles of WWII by Madbobminiatures

That certainly seems to fit the bill, although it doesn't feature the vehicle I really want, the SdKfz 135/1, it does include the Pak 40 auf S307 (f). I read some reviews about Mad Bob Miniatures' first kickstarter and it sounds like they did a great job completing it and the vehicles were high quality. While I haven't pulled the trigger on this one just yet because funds are tight right now I'm hoping to be able to jump in and get at least one S307 out of them.

Here are a few pictures I pulled off the kickstarter:

They have definitely picked stuff that has not been produced before and should look really good on the gaming table. I suspect some of them will make good fodder for some Alfred Becker conversions!
You can find their existing line of 1/56th scale vehicles at: MadBobMiniatures


  1. Glad I was able to point you to something useful.

    Although I have not finished work on my Hungarian tanks from his first Kickstarter, the quality of those models was great and I never regretted pledging!

    1. I definitely appreciate the heads up on this one. I would have missed it otherwise.

    2. BTW... he recently added a Reihenwerfer stretch goal, which has already unlocked... more temptation! ;-)

    3. I'm definitely in at this point. Just have to see how much money is going to be available!