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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Library Additions - Expanding my WWI collection

I admit that my interest in WWI is fairly narrow. While I have a number of very good overall WWI books long term blog followers know that I'm definitely focused on the USMC and its contributions to the war effort. I stumbled across a sale this week and managed to snare three almost new books to add to my collection. Two have been on my list for a while but the third had managed to escape my attention for some reason.

The one I'm really looking forward to starting is: "With the Help of God and a Few Marines" by Brig Gen Albertus W Catlin, USMC[Ret]. This memoir was written by Gen Catlin in 1919 while the repercussions of the war were still spreading. Catlin was the Colonel of the 6th Marine Regiment and was wounded through the right lung during the fight. This should be an interesting read since it was written so soon after the battle for Belleau Wood.

Next up is: "Miracle at Belleau Wood, The Birth of the Modern US Marine Corps" by Alan Axelrod. This one has been on my list for a while now and I can finally cross it off. This is supposed to be a really good account of the battle and it will be interesting to compare it back to Catlin's work on the subject.
Interestingly enough the picture on the cover features an Army gun crew manning a 37mm gun during the short period that the 7th Infantry Regiment relieved the Marines for 5 days during the action.

The last one, and one that was pointed out to me on TMP, is "Through the Wheat, The US Marines in WWI" by Brig Gen Edwin H. Summers, USMC [Ret] and Col Joseph H. Alexander, USMC [Ret]. While I think there will still be a focus on Belleau Wood this one appears to encompass most of the actions that the USMC participated in during their time in France, Belleau Wood, Soissons and Mont Blanc are all mentioned on the jacket.

Looks like I will have some reading material for the next couple of weeks at least!.

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