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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wild West Rules

Things have been very quite on the blog lately. Real life and trying to remodel my house on a minuscule budget is taking a lot of time. However, I thought I would pull together the different western rule sets that I have been accumulating since I started working on my western town of Calamity. I know there has been even less activity there but I think things might start to pick up a bit as destruction and reconstruction on the house slows down a bit. Plus I need to start planning and prepping miniatures for ReaperCon which is coming up at the end of October.

Now this is certainly not a definitive list of all of the Wild West rules that are out there they are just the ones I, currently, own and which caught my eye at one time or another. My initial thought was to do one large post and include everything in it, but I have since decided that I'm going to devote one post to each rule set with a final wrap up post at the end that would include some direct comparisons.

In order not to play favorites I'm going to approach these in alphabetical order.
Boot Hill
Dead Man's Hand
Fistful of Lead; Reloaded
Legends of the Old West
Rules with No Name
Shoot N' Skedaddle
The copyright date in this one is 1975 and obviously it didn't belong to me in the beginning

I'll have a specific format so that I'm approaching each rule set in the same way, comparing apples to apples and showing off the unique characteristics of each.

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