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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Kickstarter Loot - The World's Most Versatile Painting Handle

I'm not sure I mentioned this one in the blog at the  moment but it is one I jumped in on. Now there are a lot of painting handles out there on the market now and a fair number of them are 3D print files. Since I don't have a 3D printer those don't interest me but this one caught my attention. It is the second Kickstarter for the improved version of the painting handle from Game Envy. It looked intriguing and for $36 dollars wasn't terrible over the top price wise. The big selling point was that it is designed for to accept a standard sized pop bottle cap, by far my favorite mini holder. It arrived yesterday right on time (a rare thing among kickstarters) and it appears to work exactly as advertised.  The handle is still a little small for my large sized hands but is still quite comfortable. And, as advertised, I was able to screw one of my bottle caps right down on to it without a hitch. It even came with five generic black bottle caps. I'm quite excited to sit down at the painting table and give it a try, if I could just find a little time.

Here are all the bits and pieces. Note that the "stability bar" that is mounted on the screw top just pops on and off and can be replaced with the larger one on the right in the picture. Turn it upside down and snap it back on and it can serve as a handle. Plus the whole screw part swivels regardless of which handle you use so you don't have to turn the miniature around, just turn it right on the handle.

Everything together and with one of my many Mountain Dew bottle caps.

And with the larger stability bar snapped into place. It is a tight fit.