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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Shopping" a diorama with Hasslefree Miniatures

I have worked on the is particular diorama for well over a year at this point (although to be honest there is probably a 12 month stretch where it just lived in its box). It was mostly finished and entered at ReaperCon 2011 where it took a silver medal. I decided to try again at Tacticon 2012 with it. I added the glass to the window and tried to bring the highlights up on the girls and darken up the rest of the diorama. So I pulled all of that off although the bullet holes in the glass didn't come out very well but after three attempts I was willing to go with it. After the contest we were thinking that maybe the Vallejo Crackle Medium would have gotten me closer to the effect I was looking for. Anyway so I pulled off a second silver with this one. I need to figure out what to do for February.

The three Hasslefree Miniatures are: Debra (HFA048), McKenzie (b) (HFA054) and Ashlee (b) (HFA057)

Hasslefree is a great little company and people don't come much better than Sally and Kev White.
HassleFree Miniatures

A few WIPs before the final entry photos:

And the final result:


  1. I saw the word "shop" and I made a beeline over here. Kris this is just beautiful. Best wishes.

    1. Its amazing what will catch some people's attention! Thank you, I'll have to do better next time. I guess I'll spend some more time on the Hasslefree site. Kev really does some of the most expressive sculpts.

  2. Hola
    Una escena muy buena,me gusta como as colocado las figuras de las marines mirando el escaparate todo disparado pero fijandose en las botas muy bueno.
    un saludo

    1. Glad you liked the scene. I wanted the focus on the boots and it sounds like I pulled that off at least from your viewpoint! Thanks!