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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kickstarter - Hangar 18 Pinups - Death From Above

I know there hasn't been a lot of activity here lately but I have taken a position with another company and its definitely taking a lot of my time to settle in. I'm also traveling a lot and I can't really bring my supplies in my carry on luggage. Its a shame to because all of a sudden I have a lot of free time in the evenings now. I guess I should really spend some time on getting my Traveller campaign into shape.

The folks at Hangar 18 have posted the images for the 3D render of Death from Above. This is truly a classic WWII Bomber nose art piece. And if the paycheck comes through the way its suppose to I'll be adding this one to my pledge. If I can only afford one, this will be it. I have always loved the bomber nose art style and I love the way this render has come out. Great Stuff! Go over and lay your money down!
Death from Above


  1. WOW, this is indeed a whanahave.
    Count me in when it's on the market!

  2. Hopefully we get it that far. The Kickstarter has definitely stalled, hopefully this piece will get into production on way or another.

  3. Kris, myself and Ray never got our competition items, just wondering if they've been lost in the post?

    1. Hi Fran, don't worry they have not gotten lost in the mail yet. They haven't even left the house yet. With the challenges of starting a new job and getting through the gap in paychecks I haven't had the time or the money to head to the post office. Hopefully the fedex package arriving today has my paycheck in it!

    2. Not a problem Kris, more worried that it was lost in transit, no rush, same financial situation in my life at the moment!