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Friday, November 1, 2013

Indiegogo Loot - Willy Miniatures Ultimate Halfling Team

Typical gamer, I haven't played a single game of Blood Bowl but my second team has just arrived in the mail. During my quest for fun Blood Bowl teams to paint I found this little crowdfunding project on Indiegogo; Willy Miniatures Ultimate Halfling Team. Indiegogo is definitely not my favorite platform for this kind of thing because you have to pay upfront and then making changes requires coordination with the organizer. That being the case I didn't jump in till almost the end when all the stretch goals were unlocked.

The team I purchased consists of 14 individually sculpted halfling players, 2 standard treemen (#2 & #3), Old Stump (star treeman), a Halfling star player, a coach and a chief (I think this counts as a cheerleader, or maybe for halflings a medic). I also picked up three other minis out of the Willy Miniatures line; the dryad, the human female star player and the dwarf cheerleader.

I took a quick look at the castings and they look great! Very clean, they should be ready to paint in no time. And yes I'm already aware that you should not expect to win with this team, but they will be fun to paint and should at least look good in defeat!

You can find more miniatures here: Willy Miniatures

Here are a few initial shots from the grand box opening:
A small, heavy white box full of pewter

Six bags of miniatures

I think this is Treeman 2

Treeman #3, with Star Player, Coach and Chief

Old Stump, Star Player

7 Halfling Players

7 more Halfling Players

My extras; button, football, human star player, dryad, dwarf fan


  1. Nice, I got the same team, but without the trees.. I have something else in mind for them. Unfortunately mine arrived with one halfling miscast and my extra free minis were left out. still waiting to hear back about it. The halfling chef could work fine as a cheerleader or apothecary, good ideas. there is also a specific inducement for 'halfling master chef' any team can take it, but halflings get a deep discount. if you have it before each half you roll 3d6 for every 4+ you roll you get an extra reroll that half, and the opposing team loses that many rerolls, so your team is encouraged by their awaiting lunch and the opposition is distracted by the good smells they can't have.

    1. I have been working my way through the prep and I have at least two that are actually miscast; on is missing a finger and another is missing a nose. I have also discovered that it is impossible to get Old Stump's left arm into the socket. I still have a few left to go through and I have decide if I'm going to try and fix those miscasts.