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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Neomics Dwarf Blood Bowl Team Finished with Games n Gears brushes

My little side project is basically finished. I still need to neaten up the bases a bit and add some white lines on the "grass".  The biker dwarves are from Neomics, the medic and the cheerleader are from Gaspez-Arts (part of their pirate dwarf team).

Overall I'm pretty happy with this team, its not my best work but it does have me fired up to get back to work to painting some western pieces. There are some terrific poses on the team, the sculpting is pretty good but the casting leaves something to be desired on some of the mimis. I really like the poses for Blitzer 1, Runner 1, and Runner 2, very dynamic, should look great on the field. I think Berzerker 1 is my favorite though. The owner is the one I like the least, I think I will replace him if I can find something better. He is just not a good sculpt.

Now one of the other things I decided to do with this side project was use my Games & Gears kolinksy brushes exclusively. I backed their kickstarter for three sets of brushes, all of which arrived pretty much on time. From a Kickstarter perspective they really did a great job. Now I know that they have lots of people that love their brushes including painters better than me. However, I went through all the brushes I received, the basic set plus some extras, and really the only brush I liked was the chip brush. I decided the double headed style (brush on each end) isn't for me, I don't do two brush blending so having a brush on either end doesn't do me any good. I was able to adjust to the length okay, although I did need to keep the caps on the end I wasn't using. None of the brushes that I have will hold a point for any length of time (well the chip brush isn't really suppose to hold a point!). Which made getting my highlights into place a bit difficult, eyes and other fine details were harder than normal as well.

Oh and I guess I should admit that I didn't use the Games & Gears brushes exclusively now that I think about it. I pulled out my Da Vinci Maestro #1 (series 35) to paint the stripes on the cheerleader's pants and the lettering on the back of the jackets. I just couldn't get it done with the G&G kolinsky brushes.

At this point if you were to ask me, I would not recommend the Games and Gears brushes. I have one set unused and I sent the other set on to Anne O'Leary to try out. I'm curious to see what Anne thinks of them.

Now the whole point of this is to show off some pictures. Since I still have to do a little work on the bases I have left them on the soda caps that I use to hold them while I paint.

Team Shot



Blitzer 1

Blitzer 2 (I received two copies, one was sent in error as Runner 2)

Lineman 1

Lineman 2

Lineman 3

Runner 1

Runner 2




This shot is a little dark, she does not have a beard


  1. Jes, that's what dwarfs should be looking like!
    I think that Neomics designs the very best miniatures for BB.

    1. I'm pretty happy with Neomics, some the poses are really great, but they missed in a couple spots. I'm looking forward to getting these guys on the field.

  2. Great looking team! Love the biker/piratey look of these guys

    1. The first team I looked at was the pirate team from Gaspez-Arts but I liked these guys better.

  3. The team looks great Kris. I really think the theme works well for dwarves and I like how you painted their colors. I need to look into getting some real brushes. These cheap craft store brushes are killing me.

    1. Thanks Sean! Yes, you definitely need to get some real brushes, those craft store brushes are just teaching you bad habits. A good kolinsky will last a good long time if you take care of it too.