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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kickstarter - Bones II The Return of Mr Bones - Pledge and Shipping Calculator

If you haven't at least taken a look at this new Kickstarter from Reaper you must be hiding under a rock or your internet connection has been down. Now approaching 1.5 million dollars with 17 days to go, its moving along a very steady pace. One of the controversies has been around Reaper's decision to charge ROW (Rest of the World) backers actual shipping charges. Everything up to this point has been only an estimate but today Kit unleashed his newly updated "Pledge Calculator". With this handy little device you can choose your options and determine what the shipping charge is likely to be. It also ties in directly with Kickstarter so you can actually update your pledge directly from the calculator and when the Bones II ends it will become the Pledge Manager so you won't have to do much but confirm your choices when its all said and done. I imagine it also will be giving Reaper a big heads up right up front on what kind of production numbers they will need for each piece. Pretty clever folks over there. So go take a look and decide if this is the Kickstarter for you. Oh, the piece count is not as high as it was for Bones I but the miniatures in the core seat are significantly larger, so no big swarms of tiny little kobolds and goblins, this time you get the big stuff.


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