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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Holy Cow Batman! Bones II The Return of Mister Bones

Reaper Miniatures kicked off their new Kickstarter this morning at 9am Central time. Funded in 3 minutes, and broke the $150,000 level in the first 20. The options are very streamlined this time. Core Option either as an early bird (no discount on price just first wave shipping) and wave 2. Price at $100 and figures are rapidly being added. I have seen at least one dragon add on and if you are into the mouslings they are available as an add on as well (set of 10). The insanity has begun! Right now there is a limit of 4500 spots but I suspect they have broken the shipping up into waves, so as the Wave 2 Shipping slots fill a Wave 3 shipping will open up. They may also have a limit to the total number of pledges and this is an interesting way to manage it.

Here is the map although its probably already out of date in the 5 or 6 minutes it took me to right write this.

30 minutes in $200,000+

3 hours in $500,000+, things slowed down a little bit!


  1. I just saw it and was gobsmacked. They have done it right I think by keeping it simple and by limiting the total number of pledges. Once again though, this is hitting when I'm utterly broke so I can't manage it. But that's okay as my address will have changed a bit when they ship!

  2. I pledged, I am scraping the barrel also between this and another KS! It is my wedding annv and my wife's Bday and here I am pledging! Well, I am working to sell more stuff to pay for both and get us tickets to a play she wants to go to as a gift.

    1. I'm only in for the core right now. I have to figure out how to free up some funds for a couple of the add-ons. There is a spare car sitting in the driveway.