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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Apollo 11 - 45th Anniversary

While I know that there are certain people out there that don't believe we went to the moon I am not one of them. I remember getting to stay up late and watch TV as the Eagle (the moon lander) came to rest on surface of the moon July 20, 1969. My Uncle was part of the crew at Cape Canaveral that launched Apollo 11 on its historic trip to the moon.

Today I have a video sequence shot by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter of the Apollo 11 landing site. Its getting pretty hard to ignore the evidence now!

NASA Probe Sees Apollo 11 Moon Landing Site from Space (Video)

This is the famous photograph. Every human alive but one is in this picture. The only one missing is Michael Collins the astronaut behind the camera, piloting the command module


  1. Really neat information about your uncle!

    1. My Uncle worked at the Cape from its days as just a missile test range to his retirement. He was involved in every program that launched from the Cape; Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab and the Space Shuttles. He wrote the fuel loading program that they still use today.