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Friday, August 12, 2016

NASA Memorabilia

I was going through a box the other day and I stumbled across a ziplock bag of NASA stuff that my mom must have given me after my uncle passed away. Its an interesting snapshot of the later part of his career working, primarily, on the Space Shuttle.

This is an interesting artifact. It details all of the key positions and the people that filled them for STS-1 the first Space Shuttle mission which orbited the earth 37 times with a crew of 2.

Mission decals for STS-51A (on top), which was the 2nd launch for Discovery and STS-41G (on the bottom) which was the 6th flight for Challenger, the first mission  with a full crew of 7. These are the 13th and 14th Shuttle missions so I'm already lost on the numbering system.

Some buttons. The blue button in the upper right celebrates the 1st Challenger launch, mission STS-6. Challenger was his "bird" and he was a permanent part of that launch team. He was on vacation though during the Challenger disaster. He was the first one into the office the next day already working on what caused the explosion.

I think these hung from the back of his badge.

This is the name of the company formed by Boeing and Lockheed Martin to consolidate 30 heritage contracts in 1996

This is another interesting artifact. This is a Skylab coin about the size of a .50 piece. I think its made of aluminum.

Bad picture. A pin celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Kennedy Space Center. My uncle worked at the facility before NASA was even formed. At that time is was a missile launch test site.

I think this is a pin showing 5 years of service with Lockheed. Generally one of the big aerospace groups would win the contract but they would just continue to hire the engineers that were already working there. My uncle probably worked for every major aerospace firm in the US during his time with NASA.

This cartoon must have been pinned to his cube wall. He owned a Jaguar XKE. Study the cartoon and you should get the joke pretty quick.

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