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Friday, August 19, 2016

A Sad Time for Model Railroaders Caboose Hobbies Closing its Doors

Caboose Hobbies is closing its doors. The landlord is not renewing the lease and the owners have decided to retire. While it doesn't seem like something like this would have an immediate impact on gamers and painters it removes a major source of easy access to materials for scenery, different types of paints, airbrush equipment and all kinds of other stuff suitable for gaming and diorama building.

Yes, I know I can buy everything I need online. But that store is truly an experience as you would expect from the Worlds Largest Model Train Store (certified by the Guiness Book of World Records no less). I loved taking out of town guests and painters to the store and watch them go wild purchasing all kinds of stuff that they might eventually need!

I'm going to hope that maybe some of the current employees decide to band together and buy out the store and open it up in another local spot. This store really is an institution. I started going to it when we moved to Colorado in 1975 when it was downtown on California street and I had even easier access to it when they moved to Virginia and Broadway in 1981. I literally worked across the street from it for about a year. And for those of you up on your Denver area trivia the Blue Bonnet used to be right next door and not in its current location across the street.


  1. Kris, that sucks, I heard about this here in AZ the other day. A buddy of mine always stops in and dumps a ton of money there when he is in town.

    I just came back to Model Railroading after a 17 break and the hobby has changed since I have been gone. No one scratch builds anymore and who could blame them with all the ready to run detailed kits. It is a sad day for sure for all the hobbies effected by this closing.

    I still have a decent store here in Phoenix (An Affair with Trains) that I get my Model Railroad supplies and gaming supplies from, but their stock is getting thin and I wonder how long until they are gone.

    1. The hobby had definitely changed over the years. Its going to create a hole even bigger than the one that was created when Attactix was forced to close. I didn't buy a lot from Caboose in the last few years but I always stopped in to pick up a copy of the Narrow Gauge Gazette and see if there were any new books that I "needed". They were my track source though, that will be a problem.

  2. That's too bad. It seems like it has always been here.

    1. Pretty close, about 45 years in the same location out of the 53 years it has been just trains.