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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Kickstarter Loot 2 - Girl Genius Book 2 The City of Lightning

I received this bit of Kickstarter loot a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't realize the package had arrived as it got buried beneath a pile of mail. This is yet another gorgeous Girl Genius book from Phil and Kaja Foglio at Airship Entertainment. This is Book 2 in the Second Journey Series; The City of  Lightning. The First Journey of Agatha Heterodyne consisted of 13 volumes, I have all of those about half in hard back. If you have a hard back in this series that you are interested in parting with let me know!

Like the rest of the series this is a high quality full color graphic novel. It also came along with a variety of extra little goodies, like a new bookmark, signed book plate and stickers (most of which will end up on my hardbody miniature travel case). I love supporting Airship Entertainment, they really make the whole kickstarter journey fun and they have gotten very good at the game now so it doesn't take long to get from start to finish.

Everything has been so busy lately that I haven't been able to keep up with the strip so this is the first time I haven't read the story before receiving the book. I'm looking forward to sitting down for an evening and enjoying the adventures of Agatha Heterdyne; Girl Genius.

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