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Monday, September 19, 2016

Lead Adventure - Back of Beyond Painting Club Entries

Its been a hard finding time to just sit down and paint. The current painting club over at Lead Adventure though seems to have kick started things a little bit and I finished a couple of miniatures for it. It also gave me an excuse to make an order from Pulp Figures by Bob Murch. For this particular adventure I picked out a couple of packs from the Heroes and Personalities line figuring I could use these for just about game. Of course I'm now intrigued by the genre and may buy a few more. The minis from Bob are top notch so I'll definitely be picking up a few more packs from his inventory.

I'm also using these minis to teach with and they are excellent for that!

I picked up PHP-02 Rugged Heroes 1/New Version and in particular I painted the one Bob calls Carson Smith, He is very nice Indiana Jones style mini. I had a good time painting this one.

I also pickup up PHP-19 Dangerous Dames 2 and picked out Oberleutnant Heidi Reitsch to paint. Again thoroughly enjoyed getting back to the brushes.


  1. Both look great. I must admit seeing them in your photos is making me look at these in a new light as they are wonderful looking sculpts.

    1. I had them on my list for a long time LA just pushed me over the edge. I was very pleased with them.