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Monday, October 31, 2016

Images of War; Panzer III at war 1939-1945 Paul Thomas

I just recently stumbled across the Images of War series of books. Since I am on the never ending quest for more PzKfw III information I decided I should add this one to my collection. This is the second book in the Images of War series, I ordered it from Amazon and with their amazing shipping system I managed to have it just a few days later.

This is definitely a picture book and has a lot of pictures that I haven't seen before. It certainly doesn't mean they haven't been in print before, just unseen by me.

It is divided up into eras rather than by type, so if you really want pictures on IIIDs and IIIEs you will need to reference Chapter 1; the Blitzkrieg 1939 - 1941. There are five chapters specifically on the III and appendix that features some of the variations. Other than the Blitzkrieg chapter everything is from the eastern front. There are no North Africa pictures in this particular book. I'll have to go through Images of War series and see if they have something specific for North Africa. Its a nice sized book, easy to handle, well laid out with no more than two pictures per page and many pages that feature just a single shot. A good general reference book for showing the III in action and various stowage and gear arrangements. A very nice addition to my PzKfw III library.

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