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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

ReaperCon 2016 - Day 0

I flew into DFW on Wednesday from Denver and landed just after noon. We were picked up by Dave Pugh along with Rhonda and Kevin Bender and we went straight to the Premier Event Center (PEC) this year's home for Reaper Con 2016, since it was to early to go to the hotel.

The PEC is essentially an old retail space that has been converted into an event center. It was actually much bigger than I anticipated from the drawings I had been working with. Just about everything was setup by the time I arrived so I just helped out the few dealers that took the opportunity to set up on Wednesday.

The traditional meet and greet took place on site that night. Instead of our usually BBQ we went traditional gamer and had pizza, lot's of pizza!

Here is the new space as it looks before its filled with painters and gamers!
A lynx on the tail, always a good sign although I don't think this is the famous Larry the Lynx from the commercials.
First look at the open painting area
Artist row with classrooms behind it
Getting registration setup
SWAG bags ready to go
The main stage and way, way in the back the MSP Open area
The first row of vendors, a few took advantage of being able to set up on Wednesday. Tabletop Plus right in front with On The Lamb Games and Bombshell Miniatures in back corner.
The other vendor aisle, more classrooms behind this with gaming to the left
A more complete view of the back vendor aisle
The back hallway. By Thursday I would set up a dealer back in this space. He did just fine, but he wants a booth next year. Of course he wasn't even on my list for packets he just showed up at the door hoping for space.
The gaming space
The Reaper Booth, right next to the MSP Open
The infamous metal trade table. Bring your lead and exchange it for more lead right off the table or bits from the factory
A lovely large area for the MSP Open
The MSP registration area and main entrance
The vendor row from the other end
Tabletop already to go. He was pretty much sold out by the end of the show.