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Friday, November 4, 2016

ReaperCon 2016 - Day 2

On Friday all my dealers finally managed to straggle in and I had a full set. So full that I actually had an orphan dealer that I setup behind the rest of the vendors. Don't worry he was in a hallway leading to half the classrooms and he did very well. Well enough that he want's a double booth for next year.

The dinner for this evening was Mexican and it was quite good. I didn't take many pictures except of the entries. Friday is definitely a busy day as my vendors are in place and my assistant director duties are heating up.

Tensions are starting to run a little high in the MSP Open. I spent most of my day helping the MSP Open crew receive and photograph entries (You can see the full gallery of the entries at 2016 Gallery). I took a couple of breaks to walk through the competition area and take some pictures of my favorite entries (of course I didn't grab most of the names, I'll have to add them later as time permits):

Nathan Doyle

This lion was my favorite entry. I love the way its mounted.

Tom Williams, Best Weathering from Secret Weapon Miniatures

Marike Reimer - Non Reaper Best in Show

Derek Schubert, Sculptor and Painter
Bobby Jackson

Michael Proctor, Best in Show

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Doug Cohen

Doug Cohen

Justin McCoy

Michelle Blastenbrei

Michael Proctor

Michael Proctor

Erin Hartwell - Tiefling Bust


  1. Some great entries there! Particularly like that Great War German, and the orphan children.

    1. He's one of my favorites too. When Justin McCoy was judging the pieces for the Secret Weapon Weathering Trophy I was the second judge on the team. This one won hands down even with the ever expanding vehicles and ordnance section.