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Sunday, November 6, 2016

ReaperCon 2016 - Day 3

Saturday looms large. People are taking painting classes, playing games and the Saturday only badges are getting their entries into the MSP Open. Its another day of judging as well. The Saturday entries are judged for the Open competition and all the judging for the special and manufacturer awards is being done. Things can get a little tense with the Open crew. But another excellent job was done at the end and everything was finished before the awards were announced.

But first dinner! Tonight its American Cuisine what ever that is suppose to mean. Quite frankly I was to excited about the awards ceremony and helping the Open crew that I don't really remember what I ate. I'm sure it was delicious though I distinctly remember going back for a second piece of cake.

Anne Forester announced the awards and we made it through the whole list in good time. 
Here are a few stats to go along with all of that:
# of entries = 532 (512 in 2015)
# of entrants = 174 (155 in 2015)

25 Certificate of Merit
123 Bronze
76 Silver
55 Gold
There were also a host of special and manufacturer awards. Michael Proctor picked up the Best in Show award for his diorama, Marike Reimer picked up Non-Reaper Best in show for her diorama. And Jessica Rich won Reaper Best in Show.

Michael Proctor, Best in Show
Don't be Sad

Jessica Rich, Reaper Best in Show
Lethe, Keeper of the Dead
(I had to borrow this photo from the Reapercon.con page as I managed to miss this one)

Marike Reimer, Non-Reaper Best in Show

Now on to the few pictures of the event:
Ron Hawkins giving out raffle prizes

The Reaper Hall of Fame crew gets to eat first, sculptor Bobby Jackson leads the charge

Chow Down! 

Restlessness before the announcements, there are still folks at the metal trade table.

The Reaper booth remains busy and the MSP Open is temporarily close except for a lone blogger; Lynn Stahl. After the awards this area will be the busiest spot in the building as people come over to get their actual scores and talk with the judges.

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