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Monday, November 7, 2016

ReaperCon 2016 - Day 4

Things certainly start to slow down on Sunday. There are still classes to take, games to play and stuff to buy in the vendor area. In general the vendors here don't do a lot of Sunday mark downs so there aren't a lot of deals to be had. This keeps everyone's sales at a pretty steady pace through the whole con. In fact Thursday was one of the best days for the smaller vendors as people rushed to those vendors whose stock was very limited like Tabletop Plus.

Of course the show really ends with my auction. It  remains one of my favorite auctions to do since the reality is everything is free as you can only use the ReaperBucks to buy things at the auction. ReaperBucks are awarded for games, classes, wearing Reaper Con T-Shirts and costumes. You even start with 500 Reaper Bucks in your SWAG bag!

Since I'm auctioning, I don't really have time for pictures, so there is only two sad pictures from Sunday. (Wisely no one takes pictures of me doing the auction).

Where previously there were over 500 entries, the tables are looking pretty bare. You had to pick up your entries before the auction started or the MSP Open Crew got to keep it!

And a few brave souls still looking for cool stuff on the metal trade table.

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