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Monday, November 13, 2017

Clue Collection - 2015 Clue

I"m guessing I missed a release as this one has a copyright date of 2015. The 2013 edition featured a double board, so there were two places that the murder takes place in, much like the Game of Thrones edition. This edition goes back to the single board but we see a character dropped, Mrs White, and a character added, Dr Orchid. Nothing particularly special there since there are no special character cards in this edition of the game. We do get some very nice dynamic artwork on the cards though which is always nice to see. We all see the return of the clue cards, nine cards that are drawn whenever you roll the magnifying glass symbol on the dice. You select the card immediately and read it out loud and take the appropriate action. So new artwork on the cards, a new set of dice, but there are no changes in the weapon tokens. A nice addition to the collection and a good looking game.

Sorry for the fuzzy picture here

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