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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Kickstarter Loot - Mantic Terrain Crate - The Town Crate

I did jump in at the last minute on the Mantic Terrain Crate Kickstarter, with a little trepidation. However, I have to say that I'm quite pleased with this one. Its just about a month late which in Kickstarter terms is practically early!

I opted for Town Crate, the Dungeon Crate and the Battlefield Crate along with some extra Abandoned Mine and Walls components. Today we will take a look at the very full box that is the Town Crate. I picked this one out mostly for use in Calamity. As stretch goals were unlocked more stuff was added to these crates, typically just duplicates of stuff that was already included but I was okay with that, although there were definitely some protests over this in the comments section.

Here is what came in the Town Crate:

It was nice that a set of dividers were included, that will help to keep things separated

A sheet, printed front and back with the contents

Lots of plastic bags

The Library, two of these were included in the box. That's probably way to many books for Calamity but the desk is very nice and could be used just about anywhere.

The Bar, three of these sets were included. Most of it appears to be pretty useful for Calamity

The Tables, two of these sets were included. I'll probably ditch the fire braziers and the high back chairs, but i think I can use the rest. More stools would have been welcome.

The Blacksmith Shop, just one of these but I think I can use almost every piece in Calamity. The water pump appears to be a pretty modern design.

The Cart, just one of these was included as well. I like the scatter terrain. The cart is to wide but the horse isn't bad, maybe a little small

The Armory, there are three sets of this. The only things I will be using are the cot and the m unrolled parchment

The Throne Room, only one of these was included (thank goodness). There are two mirrors which might be useful and one of the chairs is good, the other one will need some modification to work. The rug is huge and I probably won't use it, I'm undecided on the tapestry,
Overall I'm very pleased with the quality. This is some type of soft PVC plastic I think based on how some items are bent and how it feels. I should be able to prime with my standard Vallejo and Badger primers without a problem. There are no reports on the Reaper forum about bad primers but pretty much everyone there is sticky to primers they know will work on Bones and not taking any chances. I think this is one of my better Kickstarter purchases.


  1. Nice collection. I'm still waiting for my crates, I chose the town crate and the battlefield crate, there is some crossovers (like the horse and cart) but I intend to use the stuff for multitude of games; WW2, fantasy and historical. Some of the furniture will be used in zombie games too.

    1. That is my intent too. Especially the walls, those will be easy crossover pieces for any game.

  2. Saw these pop on facebook this week in various spots they seem pretty good for a lot of genres.

    1. I think they are going to be quite versatile. Even the dungeon crate has some really good scatter in it.