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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Kickstarter Loot - Mantic Terrain Crate - Dungeon Crate

This morning I'm showing off the Dungeon Crate, the second of the three Mantic Terrain Crates I selected from their Kickstarter. While the Town Crate was a pretty easy pick for me I really didn't decide on the Dungeon Crate until the end. What really got my attention was the abandoned mine stuff. One package was not really worth the effort but when it shot up to including three packs at the end it made the Dungeon Crate an easy selection.

One of the typical complaints in the Kickstarter comments was the amount of redundant packs that were included in each crate. I found that to be one of the nicer features. I was far more interested in quantity of some of the stuff rather than variety, the abandoned mine equipment and the scatter terrain being a good cases in point.

Here is the Dungeon Crate
Same box as the Town Crate, complete with cardboard dividers, just with a different label

The contents sheet printed front and back

Yet another pile of ziplock bags filled with terrain goodness

The Treasury, there are two packs of this. the only piece of real interest to me is the pile of trunks on the left. That could probably be used in and around Calamity's railroad station.

This pile of armor and shields is pretty neat.

The trunks, they lack little piles of gold around them so that makes them much more useful. The amount of rolled and unrolled parchment might require a bit of work, although likely no one would notice during a game.

The Library, is the same one that appear in the Town crate. I have lots of shelves and desks now!

The Scatter, a really nice assortment of scatter, the crates, barrals and logs make this very useful in Calamity. There are two packs of scatter.

Wizard's Study, only one pack of this. The shelf is a duplicate from the library set and probably the most useful pieces from my point of view are the mirror and the chair.

Abandoned Mine; three pieces of this and everything, even the big crystal, is pretty usable. I just wish there was more track.

Close ups

Trips, one pack of these and probably the least useful pack out of the whole set for me.
I suspect that the mine equipment will be first on my list to paint. I can envision a lot of rusty equipment occupying the mines below Calamity. One of the two add-ons I purchased was another set of the abandoned mine equipment which came with two more packs. that gives me a total of five to work with.


  1. The lever in the traps bag looks quite believable when placed next to the switch for the mine tracks.

    Actually, I can think of several places in a mining operation where a lever like that will look like it serves a purpose.

    1. You are absolutely right! I wonder if I can acquire some more of those levers.

  2. I saw a woodcut of a metal plate covering a mining vent, similar to the one in the trap set - complete with skull and bones.

    It was for venting stinkdamp (Hydrogen Sulfide) from the works.

    Weird thing is that the mine was a German coal mine, dating back to the 17th century - I have no idea how old the vent cover was. (I want to say it was in De Re Metallica, but I could be conflating with other books on the subject.)

    Pretty sure that the book was a PDF on a site about coal mining in England.

    1. Interesting, perhaps much more useful than I thought. I’ll pull out some of Colorado min8ng books and see if there wasn’t something similar for hard rock mining.

  3. Kind of the opposite of a trap, though - trying to keep the poisonous gas from killing people....

    Rolled and unrolled parchment - maps, title claims, wanted posters, advertisements.

  4. I turned one of them into a circus poster. :P I wonder what the kids will make of it when the circus poster really is part of the treasure.... (The classic Tiger Leaping Through Ring Of Fire poster.)

    1. I do love circus posters. Those are definitely a lost art. I have an article somewhere on recreating them I’m linen for model railroads.

  5. Put the bear trap in the mouth of a mine - along with a sign reading 'Beware - Bears - Do NOT Feed!'.... :P

    Making it an actual bear trap.