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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Acquisitions - Expanding the PzKfw III Library, Panzer Tracts

One of the two remaining Panzer Tracts books on the PzKfw III arrived on Friday. This is 3-4 and features the Panzerbefehlswagen or command tank. I have always been intrigued by this particular vehicle and this is an amazing reference book dedicated to it. I think I can make a more credible version of one of these now. The hardest part is really trying to construct the frame antenna on the back deck. I think I have some ideas now after seeing the detailed drawings. A couple of things that I didn't know; these have their own SdKfz numbers; 266, 267 or 268 depending on the radio sets installed. The chassis used are the D, E & H and the turrets on these were non-operating. The J hull version was equipped with the 50/L42 based on the experiences and requests from troops at the front. And here is were the rumored (at least for me) K version belongs in the sequence. Equipped with a 50/L60 gun, a redesigned turret and a number of  features from the M chassis. A very interesting book and an excellent addition to the PzKfw III reference library.
This one had to come from the UK. I would order these books directly from Panzer Tracts but their website is definitely from the stone age and completely lacks and e-commerce section. You literally have to download the form, check off the books you want and send payment through the mail.

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