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Thursday, January 3, 2019

2019 State of the Blog

Another year has come and gone in the world of the blog. I didn't finish much in 2018 but I certainly started quite a few things. I need to do less starting and more finishing in 2019. Looking at a few numbers it seems that there are still a few of you out there following along so I'll try and keep things moving along for another year. I still find the whole blogging exercise useful in trying to keep projects moving, still not finishing but at least moving along.

From a numbers perspective, now encompassing 7 years of data:
676,568 page hits
106,147 unique readers
218 followers (Thank you for sticking with me!)

In seven years I have managed to post 1078 times , not quite sure when I went over the thousand mark but it must have been about half way through 2018. I'm still aiming for 12 posts each month but I had a hard time hitting those numbers in 2018 coming up a bit shy at 126 posts, that's still a pretty good effort I think.

For 2019 I have a few things that I would really like to get to. 
1. Complete the Sledgehammer diorama for Reaper Con on Labor Day weekend. This is the most ambitious diorama I have taken on and its going to get the bulk of my posts this year.

2. Complete two or three more entries for Reaper Con. I still want to finish off the little sci-fi diorama that has been sitting here for three years now as well as the Hogan's hero diorama that I started messing around with last year. I need a couple of single entries as well.

3. Move forward on the Arizona project. While I don't expect to finish this one this year I'm looking forward to starting on it and it lends itself to a lot of sub-builds that can be finished and set aside.

4. Lino Cut print block. We did a Christmas card for 2018 using one of my dad's old block cuts. We were very happy with it and we want to do our own design for 2019. That will take some effort but I have 11 months to complete it.

5. Fill in the hobby gaps with the AWI project and various railroad projects. We just cleaned up the hobby room which of course brings all kinds of stuff front and center again. I have six kits from Stony Creek, in particular, and I would like to get one or two of those built this year.

That's as far as I'm willing to commit to right now!


  1. That is a pretty good list!

    of course no plan survives contact with the enemy (kickstarter) but hopefully you get quite a lot done, and I for one am excited about your sledgehammer build.

    1. And we certainly know my plans rarely survive the day after I make this annual post!