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Thursday, January 10, 2019

BB-39 Arizona Project III - First Package

I received the first order for the Arizona. This is one of the kits from MK1 that features wood decks and about six sprues of brass etched parts and a limited set of instructions. To be frank, I'm a bit intimidated by the parts at this point, and there are at least two more sets of brass etchings that I would like to order! I have never worked with brass etchings and while I have a few metal working tools I don't think I have what I need for this build. I need to go look at some tools at Micro Mark and see what would be more useful than what I have.

I might even pull out one of the Eagle Transporter kits with brass etchings to work on first before I take on the Arizona. 

At least I know how to work with wood!

These are apparently what passes for instructions for brass etching upgrade kits.


  1. Uh, wow, that is a lot of photo-etch! And real wood decks?

    This is going to be amazing. Eventually.

    1. A lot of photo-etch and more coming. Real wood for the decks, although there are a couple of minor issues with those. Easily corrected though.