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Thursday, June 20, 2019

LA Warehouse or LoDo - Sanborn Maps

I printed off and carefully cut and pasted together a map of the area that I'm considering could be the location for D&RGW or for that matter it could be the C&S (I'll have to check and see when the  Burlington Northern acquired the C&S) I haven't really read the maps closely enough to see what tracks, in 1903, belong to which railroad. But for now its something to look at and contemplate.

As you can see most of the action is on Wewatta Street on the west side and not as much on Wynkoop. Unfortunately the more interesting buildings are on Wynkoop while the more interesting trackage is on Wewatta. Ultimately with not wanting to disturb the track plan to much it doesn't really matter, it would be more about giving it the feel of LoDo and not something accurate.

Here is the general area that makes up LoDo. The right side is to the NE (Denver has not aligned directly north/south by any means). Off to the right of Wewatta is Union station and its yards. Wewatta Street serves as one of the primary access points to Union Station. I have oriented the map in reverse of how I described it in the last post. From the layout standpoint you would essentially be standing on Wewatta street with the 16th Street Viaduct to the left and the 14th Street Viaduct to the right and Wynkoop would be in the back.

Just a closer look at the potential modeling area. Lots of compression would need to take place.

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