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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Acquisition - Two Books from Ammo

Its hard for me to resist painting books, so when I put in a paint order to Ammo by Mig I grabbed a couple more for the collection and which I hoped would be useful guides.

I think I managed to hit 1 out of 2.

The book I was most excited about was the Solution Book; How to Paint WWII German Late. Its, in theory, a step by step guide to painting and weathering WWII late war German armor. What I was hoping for were complete step by steps, what you get is a tiny paragraph, a number of pictures and some symbols showing colors used and sort of how to apply them. Useful place to start for beginners but not enough information to suit by tastes. I would have preferred more explanation with the pictures. You would be much better served buying the Weathering Magazine, in particular the one that talks about filters, oils and washes.

The second book I had some reservations on but now I'm quite happy to have picked it up. It is, again, a step by step guide but it features a variety of different "objects"; diorama terrain, trains, planes, armor and figures. Seeing how to actually blend with the oils over different surfaces and with different techniques is very helpful. If you were to buy one of these two, I would definitely order this one. Since I like it I just need to hide it from the dog so it doesn't get eaten, like my Lance Mindheim book.

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