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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Genghis Con XXXIII - The Pictures

Since I basically couldn't be bothered to take more pictures the lovely Heather Smith-Matthews snapped some great pictures of my CMPA compatriots along with a few random convention pictures. There are even more pictures in the gallery that Heather has online (she is a professional photographer and this is a link to a website): fortuitousphotography

Back Row (L-R) Doug Sundseth, Torin Reed, Michael Proctor, Kirk Troy, Bob Crum
Middle Row (L-R) Lili Troy, Jen Kaufman, Kris Marquardt (me)
Front Row (L-R) Bianca Weeda, Derek Matthews, Marike Reimer (yes, that Marike)

And our Big Sponsors

A real painter's palette
And a Dragon popped out
and BOOM I was done
something about paint
Random Instructor Moments
Start from here when stabbing the eye                          And BOOM, Bob was done
                                   Marike Phone Home                                            

and next year the slaves will be...

Random GC XXXIII Convention Pics
Checking out the painted army competition
 I think its called a game
 Random miniature game
 So many games, so little time


  1. It looks like you all had a great time! And it's so nice to see women at mini painting convention. I envy them right now!!

    1. The Denver conventions have always been a little unusual in the number of women that attend. Unusual enough that manufacturers in the exhibitors' hall have mentioned it. Bringing women into the ranks of painters around here has been pretty easy when you have top notch talent like Lili Troy who has won two GW Slayer Swords, or Marike Reimer who has won darn near everything there is to win. I think that really helps ease the trepidation that other women might have. Plus women are so darn good at it right out of the gate. We will get you there Anne!