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Friday, February 3, 2012

Review - Imperial Armour Model Masterclass Vol 1 - Forgeworld

I have a fair number of armor modeling books, but there are only a few that I turn to again and again. The first is Sheperd Paine's How to Build Dioramas and the second is Imperial Armour Model Masterclass. I'm not sure where the F.A.Q. books will end up just yet (and I did manage to acquire FAQ 1 this week) in my reference library but the Forgeworld book is always at my fingertips. Lots of pictures and a large amount of step by step, beginning to end type of direction. The pictures are excellent the writing is concise and to the point. It covers most of the major modeling techniques (it does not cover the salt and hairspray techniques) but there are a couple of sections that are not covered in enough depth, like the section on winter camouflage and the aircraft sections. But overall its an excellent book, I keep it close at hand and I'm would love to see Vol 2 actually written at some point.

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