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Friday, February 3, 2012

WWI US Marines finished for now

So I did actually get my Marines finished before I left on my business trip. I just didn't have time to take and post pictures. I'm unhappy with the Army Painter Matte Spray this time around. The miniatures came out semi-gloss rather than a nice matte finish as well as some white specks in some places. So that will have to be redone. I also forgot how much matte spray kills highlights so I may go in and re-apply some highlights. There are of course some things I missed even in the touch up round so I may go back in and touch up a second time. For now though they are finished and should look good on the table. I'm still not sure about mixing the Brigade Games miniatures with the Great War Miniatures but I should have enough to create platoons that consist of just a single brand if one or the other. So a few group shots here and more close ups in the gallery.

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