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Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Family Member

Both of my Great Pyrenees passed away in 2008 within about 5 months of each other. They were 12 years old which is definitely on the high side for the breed. My oldest son has his own dog, Sadie, and its nice to have her around the house but she's not my dog. I have been haunting the various Pyr rescue sites off an on since 2008 and a couple of weeks ago I found one that really spoke to me. A requirement by the rescue is that you need to bring any dogs living in the house down to visit first to make sure that everyone will get along. Well, this certainly made me a little nervous since Sadie doesn't really like other dogs. She had arrived in the house just before my second Pyr (Porthos) passed away. I remember her coming into the house very excited and still on the leash when Porthos came lumbering around the corner, she practically levitated into my son's arms, I swear there was no jumping involved.

I drove down with Sadie and was waiting at the house, I had managed to beat the caregiver there. Up on the balcony was this huge Pyr just looking down at us, easily the biggest Pyr I had ever seen. Sadie seemed totally unfazed, even when the current pack of Pyrs gathered at the fence to bark at us (its what they do) she didn't care. When the caregiver got back with the current rescue we went into the "greeting" enclosure and they brought the Pyr they were calling Boregard, Sadie went nose to nose with him and didn't have any problem, he didn't have a problem with her so it was off to the races!

Boregard is now Hobbs and seems to be settling in nicely. He's still a little nervous about some things but he seems to be starting to accept that this is home now. Its nice to have a dog of my own again.

Whatdya mean another dog? I'm not enough?
Sadie is a mix; half Catahoula Hound and we think Blue Heeler.
You can't see it in the picture but her eyes are an icy blue
and the left one is marbled with brown.
Okay, I'm here. Do I get to stay?
Despite the apparent blue eye color he has the standard,
Pyrenees brown eyes and is look a bit sad at the moment.
He is not pure white, he has a mix of wolf and tan markings.
Dibs on the couch!


  1. Heh, congrats on the new dog. They are both a blessing and pain, but you gotta love them.

    1. Its been a long time coming but the time finally was right and the right dog came along.

  2. Now that, is a DOG! :)

    Congrats Kris. :)

    1. Yea, he's pretty good sized. Not the biggest dog I have owned. He was running loose and then was sick so he definitely needs to put a few pounds back on. I think he should settle in between 105# and 110#.

  3. He's a handsome animal for sure. I remember reading about your loss in 2008 and seeing the pictures. Now, you won't spoil him will you :)

    1. Spoiled within pre-defined limits! No begging at the table when you can rest your head on the table.