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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

North Star Military Figures - Nickstarter - In Her Majesty's Name

I received an email newsletter last week that definitely got my attention. North Star Games is essentially doing an inhouse version of a Kickstarter which they are calling a Nickstarter for a new, licensed, miniatures line that will support the release of Osprey's In Her Majesty's Name Steampunk Skirmish Gaming by Craig Cartmell and Charles Murton.

What's the difference? First off this is not a Kickstarter but it is, in its own way another form of crowdfunding. This is not being done through Kickstarter it is a pre-order for the miniatures and the rules. The core miniatures for all of the factions have been completed and additional "Nickstarter" only miniatures are being sculpted based on stretch goals based on the amount of pre-orders raised. Basically you are seeing a pre-order system setup like a Kickstarter project. Its a neat idea and we will see how it goes.

I like the project, I'm not sure I will jump in on it but it lets North Star take advantage of the Kickstarter mania and still maintain control over everything.

So far they have already achieved their first goal of adding another adventuring company; the Scotland Yard Company, and the second goal of adding a miniature for a master criminal. The Nickstarter closes on April 18th

Here is the link to the site so you can check out the details. In Her Majesty's Name


  1. Those are some sweet looking figures and the rewards look pretty good. I'm in on a Kickstarter right now with Stonehaven. I did one with them for dwarfs and it was excellent. This time is Gnomes and it's even better. Here's the link if you're interested


    1. I have been watching the Stonehaven Gnomes, I didn't get in on the dwarves and have been regretting it. I made a deal with a friend that got two sets so I'll finally get my hands on the dwarves this weekend. I'm still on the fence with the Gnomes though.

    2. This guys a really good sculptor and he delivers on time too. The gnomes are my kind of thing, so I'm all over them. I really want the completionist set, but The Hubby says "No way!"

    3. I was going through them again today because I got a reminder from Kickstarter. I think I am in just have to decide what I really want. Can't do the completionist set either.