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Monday, June 10, 2013

Kickstarter - Reaper Miniatures BONES - The ships are in.

For those of you who haven't already heard about it:

Good news!

Update #93 · Jun 10, 2013 · 64 comments
First, a quick note about Origins. We had been looking forward to seeing you there, but unfortunately we won't be there this year in a booth. Our brother Tim Peaslee will be running demos, so be sure to say hi to him when you're there. We can't do a proper booth this time around because we simply can't spare the labor right now.
Why can't we spare the labor?
Friday, June 7th, we received two 40ft containers full of Bones! For those of you keeping track at home, those containers were filled with over 470,000 models. We're still looking for the last container to be delivered next week, but we have enough to start shipping now.
What's next?
We've unloaded the containers (we have the bruises to prove it). We're getting those models organized into our system and firing up our fulfillment line this week.
We know we're behind our estimated ship date of March, so we've added a second shift for fulfillment so we can process the packages very nearly 'round the clock. We're doing everything we can to blast through these pledges so you can receive your Bones as quickly as we can manage it.
Thanks for your continued patience and support.
Cue the Lost Ark theme...
Do you see what I see?


  1. I'm so sad I didn't get in on that. I meant to, but I kept forgetting to discuss it with my wife, and, then, suddenly, time had run out.
    So so so ad.

    1. I have been caught like that on a couple as well. However, soon they will be in stores!

    2. Well, yeah, but so much more expensive than they were in the kickstarter, which was the draw. I doubt I will actually go and buy any. Right now, at any rate. I'm not even sure I'm going to get any painting in this summer.

    3. Summers can be a tough time for painting. It helps that I have a regular painting group to spur me on.

  2. Okay, Kris, take two of the boxes and wait out back for the middle aged Indian with a rucksack... ;)

    1. Well Okay, but its hot out I'm not waiting all day.

    2. ;)
      I'm too busy for EnE at the moment! But I'm glad they will soon be in stores. I really liked the nova corp troops my cousin gave me which introduced me to reaper minis. I still need to get the scifi marines!
      My kids got a heap of the Supers from santa and I got some cowboys from my wife and kids as a welcome home gift.
      although not multipart plastics, I plan on getting some more and seeing if they how easy they may be for conversions.

    3. You will find the BONES minis really easy to convert. You can even heat the knife a little bit to make the cutting easier.