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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Citizens of Calamity - WIPs

I have actually been painting. I'm not terribly pleased with how these are going but I think they will look okay for gaming purposes. These are in various stages of painting, the skin and eyes are pretty much done on all of them, none of the hair has been done. As I blow this up with the camera I can certainly seem some rough spots that need to be taken care of. Hopefully a few glazes will take care of that. There are few highlights that are definitely "wrong" and need to be fixed. On the blacks I really want to get that black fading to dark gray look which was pretty typical for the timer period.

I have been using my Games & Gears Kolinsky Sable brushes on these. At this point I find myself a bit frustrated with the brushes. Neither of the two I have used hold their points particularly well and I find myself "fighting" the brush as I work. I have only used the shorter S1 which is suppose to be a wet-blending brush and the #1. I started with the #1 as that is my preferred size for painting and is fairly close in size to the #1 Da Vinci. I have been working with the S1 on larger areas and because its much shorter in length. I still like the triangular shaped handle on my Da Vinci's better. At this point since I don't do two brush blending I don't see the point in having a double headed brush. I certainly can't have paint on both ends at the same time as it would dry on one end before I could use it, partially because of my painting style and partially because of the climate and altitude.

Here are the pictures from after a couple of hours of work (I probably shouldn't throw movies I haven't seen into the DVD player in my workroom when I'm trying to paint, I would get more done). I think I'll block in the rest of the colors and try and get everything finished up this week.
Wargames Foundry (?)

And from the Back. I need to pick out the shoes in another color.

A Dixon Miniature.

After I took the pictures I decided on green for his shirt
A Reaper Miniataure; Coot Jenkins

Coot from the back. Vest is a little rough
Wargames Foundry(?) maybe Dixon

And from the back. Again I need to pick the shoes out in a different color.
Not a huge amount of progress but farther than I have gotten since I was working on stuff for Reaper Con


  1. nice figures with a good start on the painting work.
    The shirt: yellow or something like that, I'm not sure that green will fit good with blue...

    1. No, I already ruled out yellow. The green I put on last night looks good. I'm going to keep going with the green and see how it pans out.

    2. I didn't not want to be pedant ! I'm sorry!
      I understand that you make your own choices of colours... it was just an advice !

      (I was thinking more at a yellow-ochre... )

    3. No problem. I just have an awful time with yellows. I have the right greens but I was trying to get them to work the other night and they have pretty much dried up in the bottles. I'll have to see if they are worth reconstituting or not.

    4. Yellow is very difficult!
      I've a REVELL acrylic paint "sand" which a smooth yellow-ochre which works quite fine.
      Green is not so easy too; like all "pure colours" in my opinion...
      I'm waiting for your attempts!
      Thanks !

  2. In general I like working with green, a little yellow to highlight a little blue to darken, its easy to work with.

  3. Good suggestion ! I will try that!
    thanks !