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Friday, June 14, 2013

The Game of "Clue"; Deluxe Bookshelf Edition

I think the various bookshelf editions of "Clue" have been the hardest ones to track down. I'm still missing at least one at this point and perhaps two. This one maybe my favorite bookshelf version, I love the modern art take on the back of the board. This is still what I would consider a standard edition of "Clue" nothing really new, pre-painted character pawns and pewter weapons in an even smaller box. The smallest one yet for a full size game of clue.

The Front Cover

The Back Cover

The inside, the board has been taken out

The board, at this point still shrinkwrapped!

The front of the board

The back of the board. One of the few boards that does have anything printed on the back.

The Character Cards, Col Mustard is a bit washed out.

The room cards.

The Weapon Cards

The Weapon Tokens

The Charcter pawns


Rules, Detective Notes and the File


  1. Wow! What a nice version of Clue! Clue is one of my favorite board games. I really like this version. I have the standard large box of 2002. I would like to have that bookshelf too. I also have the PC version of the game (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkQQuL0XpaI).
    Great post! :)

    1. Its one of the nicer ones out there. Getting harder to find though. I stick to just the boardgame and some of the variants. The Franklin Mint one is still my favorite!

    2. That's right. The Franklin Mint one is nice too, but I like this version even more. I've found some of this version at ebay, so I think I'll get one soon :)

    3. This is a really classy edition, probably one of the best versions, visually, that they have done. Good luck on Ebay, that's where this one came from. I managed to get it for about $10 plus shipping.

    4. $10? Wow, that was great! I'll try to get it at $20 at least... Thank you very much!

    5. When the timing is right you can pick up most of them for at least a reasonable price. Its the special edition based on movies or TV shows that tend to get expensive.