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Monday, June 3, 2013

Kickstarter Day 3 Crocodile Games

Crocodile Games has hit their initial funding level of $25,000 to get the Wargods of Olympus rulebooks printed. They are rapidly closing in on the first stretch goal of $35,000 which will unlock the Amazons. I'm not sure if releasing the Amazons this early in the campaign was good or bad its certainly the release that makes it more likely that I will jump on the bandwagon though. I already have a Spartan army and this kickstarter may be the necessary impetus to get these out and start working on them. We will see. I should pull out my Wargods of Aegyptus Basti army though and see if I need anything on that. I know the last unit I was working on was an archer unit that I was doing a lot of conversion work on. Now I'll have to track all that stuff down and maybe take some pictures. Its is one of my few completely painted 28mm armies.

Here are pictures of some of the greens for the Amazons: