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Friday, June 28, 2013

Kickstarter; Hanger 18 Pinups - First Stretch Goal

So the Hanger 18 folks hit their first stretch goal which adds a photo backdrop to pretty much everything. Although I haven't used their backdrops yet, they have gotten some excellent reviews on them so this is a good freebie add to the miniatures. Its not moving as fast as I would like it to. I'm not surprised as larger scale miniatures like this are just not as popular amongst the audience that was likely to see them first. However, I think once we get the word spread to more miniature painters things will start to take off. I really want that next miniature unlocked at $25,000, its definitely one of the six that I want.

They have also posted the initial 3D render for the Hot Rounds Sniper and have a picture (which I snagged) that shows their remarks back to the sculptor. 

Again you can find the Kickstarter here: bawidaman

And some pictures here:


  1. For me that's a great freebie. Photography is a real bug a boo for me and I've seen some of the pros use these. And they retail for $24.99.

    I like that sculpt as well.

    1. I'm in for one mini at the moment, and will adjust from there if we can get some of the other ones unlocked.

  2. I've done the same thing. I'm just in at one. I think the problem with getting more people on board is down to two things. 1. The price. You've really got to like painting Babes to pay $40.00 for a single sculpt. 2. This is targeting painters and there isn't a game to go with it.

    I hope he makes the nut though, as these are some great figures.

    1. I hope they make it too. If they don't I'm sure they will give it another shot. They did post the next two stretch goals which are not at super dollar amounts; 27,500 and 30,000.