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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kickstarter Loot - Traveller5

I have been waiting for the Traveller5 Kickstarter to arrive for sometime. It was originally suppose to arrive in December but the mammoth size of the book took longer than expected to put together. Traveller was one of my five main stay games through High School and I haven't really played it since then although I have followed its continued evolution over the years. I'm looking forward to sitting down and spending some time working my way through this and getting a new campaign going with my Saturday night group.

So now I have some pictures of the unboxing, pretty sure this was more exciting for me than it will be for you!

The box that I have been tracking online since 4/30

Managing to get the box open without damaging  anything

The contents of the box, still well hidden at this point.

The contents of the envelope, a CD ROM containing a PDF (well multiple PDFs) of the book. A box of dice (10 black, 1 white, 1 red, 1 yellow. In the plastic baggie are four more dice (one of each color), 2 25 credit coins (which I expected to be plastic and are actually some kind of metal) and my Traveller's Aid Society ID card for my old Traveller Character; Lee Nordgard.
Here is a shot of the ID Card. The information at the bottom  indicates where  Lee hails from in the Imperium. I couldn't remember myself so I just had them assign it at random. This indicates that he is from Nekhi in the Ilelish Sector (Shillish Subsector). That string of letters and numbers at the end are the world characteristics for Nekhi. I know the first letter is the starport type, in this case D which doesn't amount to much! The rest of it I would have to dig out of the book.

And then there is the book, or in my case two books. While both are signed by Marc Miller, one contains  a bit more personal message and is also signed by the Emperor Strephen (The last Emperor of the Golden Age or Classic Traveller).These are massive 656 page books. One is for me and the other will be for the players to reference.
And something unexpected, a Patent of Nobility, for me! In this case a knighthood which includes a small land grant on Petra in the Zarushagar Sector, Khipge Subsector. I see Petra is a step up starport wise from Nekhi.


  1. Looks like a nice one Kris. The cool thing about Kickstarters is that you've paid for them months ago, so when they come in it almost feels like you're getting free loot.

    My gnomes from Stonehaven should arrive this month!

    1. You have that right. Its been 10 months since I paid for those they do feel like they are free now.

  2. Nice haul. I have fond memories of Traveller, but I think we spent more time generating characters than actually playing.

    1. Character generation could be a game in and of itself although it doesn't even begin to compare to Space Opera!