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Monday, May 20, 2013

Kickstarter Loot - Bombshell Babes

In typical fashion a box full of Kickstarter loot arrived on Saturday while I was gone. I grabbed it on my way back out the door this morning. May has been a good month for Kickstarter stuff. At this point I'm not expecting anything else till at least June. This package is from Patrick Keith's Bombshell Babes Kickstarter. I picked up 9 Babes, plus two add ons, kept the T-Shirt (I love Tim's artwork so I decided to keep the t-shirt rather than trade it in for more minis) and the postcards. Oh and of course the limited edition mini; Maelee the Mechanic. Pictures, even bad ones still say a lot more than words so here is what came in the box:

First off there is some non-mini stuff; The T-shirt (gamer small) and the Art Cards (like postcards but really just large advertising pieces):

These are colored versions of the concept artwork for the project.
 Here are a couple of my favorites out of the bunch; and yes I did get these miniatures
Maelee the Mechanic by Tim Collier (Talon)

Vivian Gale by Tim Collier (Talon)

Maelee in pewter
Here are the Babes I opted for in the Kickstarter. Sorry, except for Vivian I don't remember their names.

Pirate Captain



From the Future

Vivian Gale in metal


Air Force Pilot

Air Force Pilot Sidekick (Nemesis?)
Base Inserts for the round lipped bases

Sidekicks/Extras, I think these were some stuff was added as goals were reached.

Extra weapons
Reinforcement Babes

Some Freebies from Patrick's previous shot at his own company

And that's it. A nice kickstarter
Patrick has his website open now: Bombshell Miniatures
And if you are interested in some babes with a more historical bent then you should definitely check Rastl World  the folks that brought out two of my favorites Lysette and Temulon: Rastl World Minis


  1. Replies
    1. There are some sculpts that really catch my eye and some that I'm on the fence about. I think I'm only disappointed with one of them.

  2. My wife has banned me from kickstarter! ;)
    I think I saved some of the concept art and used it in my "morgue" for T-shirts I drew for my scout platoons and sniper section while we were deployed. I refuse to draw anymore skulls!

    1. Well, lucky for you that the web site is up now!

  3. I didn't know you got in on this one. I was utterly tapped out when it hit or I'd have done it in a heartbeat. I want to see those Babes painted up sometime.

    1. I was on the fence with this one. There was some stuff behind the scenes that I was happy about. But, I love Tim's artwork and Keith obviously did a great job with those sculpts so I piled in. I think I can work one of them in right away since I'm working on western stuff. The rest I'm not sure about.

  4. Some fantastic stuff there, I love the Pilot figure

    1. At first that was one of my favorites but I have leaned away from that one now. She kind of swapped places with Valkyrie in the order of favorites. Overall Patrick did a fine job with this on but a couple of the sculpts could have had a bit more "love".