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Friday, May 10, 2013

Kickstarter Loot - Freebooter's Fate (Indiegogo)

Apparently its my week for crowdfunding stuff to be hitting the mail box. This box came from Freebooter Miniatures, Werner Klocke's company. This one used Indiegogo as opposed to Kickstarter. Kickstarter is not available to Europe yet. I don't Indiegogo very much, its harder to change pledges because you actually pay up front rather than at the end. The project creator has a funding choice as well. They can choose to not continue if they don't get funded or they can continue with what ever they manage to pull in. That makes me nervous. Fortunately the Freebooter campaign would only fund if they meet their goals which definitely was not a problem for Werner. I just had an update notice yesterday that they had finished getting all their packages out so I expected this to arrive next week sometime. Instead it landed in the mailbox today! I have a bunch of projects in front of this one (tough, my old west stuff or pirates), so I took some quick pictures and they are going back in their box.

These are quick and mostly pretty bad but that's what you get sometimes.


  1. I missed this one. Looks like a nice haul Kris. Could this spate of deliveries mean that Reaper will be delivering it's Kickstarter. The rumble in the jungle is increasing on that one.

    1. Reaper has one shipment on the water now that hopefully has enough stuff in it that they can start shipping again. Another one should be leaving China by the end of May. So lot's of stuff in transit to Reaper but nothing coming out of Reaper right now.

      Indiegogo is just harder to work with it would have made a lot more money if he had been able to do it on kickstarter. However, kickstarter is not available to be used by anyone outside the US, Canada and the UK.

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    3. Hi!

      You'd be interested in selling the pack freeboter's fate Captain perk?

      I could offer double the cost when you bought it for your crowfounding.


      My email is vallecas@gmail.com

    4. Its been a while since I looked at these. I'll drop you an email.

    5. If you still have her and don't need her I would be interested in the Amazon fig :).


    6. I sold off the entire set late last year.