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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Diorama - Building the Base II

I did some more work on the building sub structure. Then when I was messing around with the stairs I realized that I forget to build the curb. I laminated three layers of matt board to the sidewalk to raise it high enough to form the curb. I had to do the same in the alley to avoid having to many steps. The pictures tell a better story than I do though.

Gluing the building sub structure together

Not quite even along the top, time to trim it down and get it level (more or less)

Messing around with the stairs. Oops forgot to build the curb for the sidewalk.

Gluing on a piece of mat boad

Okay, it took more than one piece, three pieces to be exact

He is standing a little taller in front of the window, but it should be okay

Have to add height to the alley as well, three stairs up!

The scene is coming together with the addition of the gas lamp post

This is the brick sheeting I found with the right brick pattern. It looks okay but its going to be my second choice. Waiting for another tool that will let me make the brick and not look so uniform.

This is close to the finish scene. The "cap" on top will simply be a row of bricks that would show the separation between stories. I'm undecided on what to do with the base itself. I may do that in brick as well.

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