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Thursday, January 15, 2015

World War I USMC Picture References

A recent post on TMP pointed me to a USMC site that provided uniform "packages" to Marine Corps bases for their anniversary celebration. I went ahead and grabbed the photos for some additional reference. Obviously several of these uniforms are complete reproductions but a few of them I believe may well be original uniforms.

I'm pretty sure this is a reproduction. Notice the difference in color in the putees between this photo and the rifleman photo
And an action pose. Now, look at how the change in light affected the color of the uniform its greener in this picture, he is standing in more shade than in the first shot.

Based on the color I'm seeing this one may well be an original uniform

The putees are "greener" on this rifleman. Note the difference in color between the pants and the jackets. Quality control leaved much to be desired at this time. The same specs to two different manufacturers could easily result in different colors.

Again, see how the sunlight affects the colors

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