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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Diorama - Overall progress

I'm finally at the point where its difficult to show progress on certain pieces without showing the whole. The base itself is closing in on being finished. I need to finish the roof cap piece, which I cut down to get a closer fit, so now it needs a little more work instead of being done. The building shell is done as is are the cobblestones. There is still paintwork to be done on it but that needs to wait till the miniatures are finished enough to actually be mounted in place. There is some OSL that can't be done till everything else is pretty much in place.

I finished the two rats, one of which is coming out of the wall and the other will be somewhere on the street. Haven't quite decided where but he will create a line leading into the scene. I have a Reaper villager on order to go in the window, she is perfect. Its almost to bad that she is a decidedly secondary element.

The Aliens are started and I made good progress on them today. There is still plenty of work to do but its nice to finally get them started. They should come together quicker than the soldiers which still need some attention.

Overall good progress was made this weekend.

Here are the aliens, I have stripped and re-did my prepping on these. But quite frankly the sculpts leave a little to be desired.

Total loss for how to paint them so I decided to lay out my colors on a grid to get a since of what I should be mixing together

The skintones I was considering on the top two lines the final colors on the 3rd.

Did the same with the oranges.

Final colors on the last row although I'm not sure I'm happy with the highlights

Skintones in place, a little washed out in this shot

Orange uniforms in progress, still a ways to go here. I want to introduce some trim colors. The orange suit really makes the skintones pop though.

One of the rats. This one will be on the street somewhere. Got the reflective dot in the eyes on the first try!

Checking out the street scene

The adjusted cap in place. There is gap between it and the corner brickwork that will need to be fixed. I didn't bring the light post with me so I wouldn't damage it.

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